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Hello there!

We’re Kalem and Greta Olsen, a northern Utah-based couple that is currently living out a of 2019 RAM Promaster 2500 Van we built together. We decided to build this van to give us more time and access to do what we love— play outside.


Greta loves living in a converted van because it means she can bring home with her just about anywhere. She loves spending time in the mountains skiing, trail running, and biking just as much as she loves curling up with a book, some tea, and a fresh batch of her signature granola. 


Kalem, growing up in the wilds of southern Idaho, was drawn to the outdoors at a young age hearing stories about his grandfather’s wilderness survival trips. Kalem’s ever-expanding list of hobbies includes rock climbing, biking single track, whitewater kayaking, commercially flying drones, and most recently- backcountry skiing. 


Greta works full-time for the International Rescue Committee and Kalem is a business student at Brigham Young University. We have big plans for our life outside together and we’re excited to share with friends, family and anyone who sticks around to read about it here. At our core we are committed to helping build community and mentorship in the outdoor space, increasing personal environmental stewardship, living big and living simple.  We look for and hope everything we do reflects these values. 

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