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Van Update

The van is starting to look like a home! Greta's not someone who usually names her cars but is feeling like she can't refer to the van as "the van" forever, so if anyone has any name ideas, feel free to let us know! We're busy brainstorming too. This week we got finished with all the cabinetry work. Choosing to use IKEA cabinets made the process a whole lot easier, but we needed to do some retrofitting in order to make them work, which took a little bit of time, and installing van cabinets requires a little more hardware and muscle in order to keep them open and closed when you want them to in a moving, dynamic space. We'll probably do a post on how we modified our IKEA cabinets to work inside a van in the future, as it is a perfect solution with the right refinements.

We also got to sand down the lacquer we had put inside of the cabinets on Saturday night and put our first things inside (Greta's emptied out college apartment pantry)! And then we took turns sleeping on our brand new Klymit KSB 30 Double Sleeping Bag and Double V Pad that we got as a wedding present from Kalem's parents the last two nights because we both were dying to try out both the sleeping bag and pad and the van. Both work great!

Additionally, we started to put more of a load on our batteries, constantly keeping our refrigerator up and going, the inverter on, the fan running in order to help dry the lacquer and paint and charged iPads and iPhones the last couple nights we slept in it. Amazingly, we haven't seen much of a drain in the batteries yet, which means the solar system is holding up (so far) for what we need it to. The real test will obviously start when we start living in it full time, using appliances like our blender.

Now we are working on the plumbing for the sink and working on the toilet bench, which is coming right along!

All in all, we are very proud of ourselves. It is really awesome to see our hard work and planning pay off. We are so excited to start living in our new home in a few weeks! Our plan after we get married on May 2nd was to go up to British Columbia for some late-season skiing and early-season biking as an inaugural trip of the van and our honeymoon, but with the border closed, we're thinking of a couple of other awesome road trips. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to make it up there later this summer, but either way, we just want to spend time together and outside and the van is giving us the opportunity to do both.

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